A beginners guide to creating a modern living room

by Judy Cooper 09/10/2023

Blue living room

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home. Or, maybe you’re searching to give your dated living room a new appeal. Giving your living room a modern design can freshen up the space. To help, here’s a basic guide to modern living room ideas. 

Mixing your style with modern design

First, how can we incorporate your personal style with modern design? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your personal preferences to create a modern space. There are many design styles which can suit the aesthetic you already enjoy. 

For example, perhaps your current style showcases a more rustic atmosphere. This style usually features natural elements such as stone and wood with subtle tones. Add a modern flare with elements such as exposed brick or a sleek metal coffee table. These will complement each other and leave your space feeling renewed. 

Layer textured neutrals

Sometimes simple is the way to go! Soft neutral tones give the room a light and charming feel. Paring different shades of similar neutral tones can add layer and depth to your living room. Adding in different textures will keep the room feeling simplistic and fun. 

Create a multifunctional hub

The living room is traditionally considered to be a main focal point of a home. By transforming the space into a multifunctional hub, you can get plenty out of the area. In addition to comfortable sofas, you can add bookshelves to make it an at-home library. Do you enjoy game night? Reserve storage space for your favorite card and board games. 

Modern living rooms are fun and multidimensional. Play around with textures and color schemes to create your perfect modern style. 

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